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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday at the Shelter

It's been a while - here's a whole bunch of new cats - and dogs!

First, here's Ariel:

Ariel's been at the shelter for awhile. She's a very sweet cat, but very particular! She's a little princess, as you can see here:

Another new addition is Logan:

Logan was very scared when he first got here, and was keeping to the back of his cage. Now, a week or so later, he's very talkative and affectionate!

Luther is a very sweet boy:

He's also new and a little uncertain, but he loves rubbing against your leg and enjoyed looking out the window at the passing birds!

Heather is a playful little kitten:

Another new kitten is Twiggy:

Last week, she was hiding out under her blanky all the time - now she's graduated to sleeping on top of it.

Porsche is a slightly older kitten, but still young:

He's one of two black cats the shelter is playing host to at the moment.

And just for a switch, here's a couple of dogs! Precious seems very happy and well-behaved:

And Keaton is very calm and friendly:

He's gotten a nice grooming since this photo was taken.

If you're in the area, stop by the shelter and say "hi" to the crew!



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